7pm sharp to 8:30pm, upstairs in the meeting room.
£25 on the door (£15 concessions) cheque/ cash, or email for invoice in advance.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   to reserve your place.



Dream workshop upstairs in The Meeting Room
Thursday 11th December 7pm-8:30pm

There are references in Homer, Plato and Virgil to dreams from the Gates of Ivory and the Gates of Horn. It has been suggested that this  tradition originates in Ancient Egypt. Simply put, dreams from the Gates of Horn are considered to be true, whereas those from the Gates of Ivory may be misleading.

In modern western culture the reality of dreams is often seen through a distorted, Freudian lens, although Jung was much closer to the mark. On the whole we are all too busy to remember or record our dreams, and miss out on the incredibly rich source of information that lies just beyond our waking consciousness. We may also have been led to believe that dreams come from a chaotic, potentially dangerous and out of control unconscious.

Despite the fact that a huge number of scientific and cultural breakthroughs are the result of dreams, from August Kekulé’s vision of the Ourobouros (the snake eating its tail) which led him to discover the ring shape of the benzene molecule, to Paul McCartney waking up with the melody to Yesterday already in his head, as a culture we tend to dismiss dreams as being ‘not real’.

However, anyone who has ever had a particularly vivid dream, or nightmare, knows how real they can be to the dreamer. Have you ever experienced ‘lucid’ dreaming, where you become aware inside the dream, that you are dreaming? Usually it is so shocking that you wake up, but with a little training, it is possible to remain in the dream and then take control of it ‘consciously’.

Some societies arrange for members from different countries to meet at a place constructed in the dream world by the adepts of the society!

In the workshop I will share a dream interpretation technique (nobody can interpret your dreams better than you), and suggest ways to train yourself to become lucid. These techniques give you access to a multi-dimensional reality, the source of your creativity. The benefits are greater confidence in

your self, a more congruent experience of your life path and the power to pursue it.


Thursday 10th July 2014 - HUNA.
The Hawaiian secret traditional wisdom is still alive, despite it only becoming ‘legal’ again in 1986, after 150 years of suppression.

Thursday 6th February 2014 -  Ho o’ pono pono.
As you move into the new year, is there anything weighing on your mind, slowing you down; something you may have said or done, or something that was said or done to you, recently or a long time ago? You probably know it is time to move on, but just need closure; this is how to get it. For 5 years, as part of the Warrior Programme which worked with ex-servicemen and women with PTSD, I saw how this process could bring relief to even the most traumatised people. Ho o’pono pono is a Hawaiian forgiveness process, introduced to the west by Moana Simeona and now used by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. This is a powerful process that is done internally, an advanced type of guided meditation. There is no disclosure. Imagine, as Wordsworth wrote, ‘the heavy and weary weight of all this unintelligible world is loosened’.

Thursday 13th March 2014- The Tarot.
The Tarot is a repository of natural wisdom in pictorial form. In this seminar we will focus on the 22 trump cards, the Major Arcana, and how they articulate an archetypal journey that is a constant source of guidance and inspiration. This is not specifically about doing readings for other people, although that will be discussed, it is more about accessing you higher self.

Thursday 10th April 2014 -  Sacred Geometry.
I was initiated into Sacred Geometry by John Michell. I experienced an unforgettable revelation of truth, beauty and goodness which also made sense rationally. Bring paper, pencil, ruler and compass and experience the act of creation. The Socratic “Heavenly Pattern” provides a coherent model of how to live. That such an intelligible pattern should exist is a deeper mystery still. And if I can get it, anyone can.

Thursday 8th May 2014 - Numerology and Gematria.
Is there a number code hidden in the scriptures?

Thursday 5th June 2014 -  NLP.
What is Neuro Linguistic Programming and why should I care? NLP stands for Neuro, your Neurology; Linguistic, as in language, and Programming, as in a computer; which means that you programme yourself by talking to yourself. Have you ever called yourself an idiot? What are you imagining and telling yourself that is not true? What would you like to see and hear and feel instead? The methodology and tools of NLP are well recognised, and because they are so powerful there has been some controversy as to how NLP is used, in high pressure sales and for picking up girls, for instance. In my experience it is very important to have an appropriate moral and ethical context in which to work. Put simply it is a question of intent. If the intention is to manipulate someone, then it doesn’t matter whether you are practicing law or accountancy or NLP, these are mere tools, it is the will and intent of the individual that determines the outcome. If, on the other hand, your intention to help and empower, then that is what you will do. NLP teaches how to focus your intent on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, because you get whatever you focus on. So what should you focus on? This is the important bit, and here I claim a small contribution to the field. NLP is a re-statement of the first three (The Trivium) of the 7 Liberal Arts to wit: Rhetoric, the art of persuasion; Grammar, structure correct; and Logic, it must make sense; which together comprise the means by which we communicate with ourselves and others, from ‘pass the salt please’ to ‘vote for me’. What is missing, is the other four Liberal Arts, known as the Quadrivium, which comprise Mathematics, Geometry, Music and Cosmology. Hidden inside the Quadrivium is an astonishing secret which provides the perfect model of how to live. It is based on ratio, as in rational, for example Pi, the ratio of the radius of a circle to its circumference, and proportion as in Phi, how most of nature, including us, grows. On further study, the source of this order and beauty is revealed to be infinite. The benefits of this include confidence, optimism, well-being and love for all things. 


WHERE: Tabernacle, 35 Powis Sq, W11 2AY

WHEN: 7pm sharp to 8:30pm, upstairs in the meeting room.

INVESTMENT: £25 on the door (£15 concessions) cheque/ cash, or email for invoice in advance.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   to reserve your place.

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