So many stones over such a large area, what on earth are they for?

There are at least 3,000 megaliths still standing from an estimated 55,000 in and around Carnac, in an immense variety of shapes and sizes: menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs and tumuli and all dating back over 5000 years!

This is a unique opportunity to visit Carnac in the company of Howard Crowhurst, without doubt the world expert on this site. Howard has spent the last 30 years living there and figuring it all out. I have been following his work since 2009 when he gave a talk at The Megalithomania conference in Glastonbury. Since then he has continued to make a series of extraordinary breakthroughs, linking mathematical, geometric and astronomical data to reveal a stunning global organisation of great beauty and sophistication.

It is only recently, with the advent of google earth, that we have been able to appreciate what our ancestors were up to, and the astonishing precision of ancient sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid at Giza, Nazca, Ankor Wat and the alignments at Carnac, and how they are all based on the same plan!
What's more, the dates for these constructions and the knowledge they encode has been pushed back as far as the Lascaux caves circa 17,000 years ago.

I recently spent a day with Howard and arranged to bring a small group for a field trip in the spring with him as our guide.

Depart Gatwick 10:40 Friday 15 April, arrive Nantes 13:00,

Return Nantes 17:15 Sunday 17th April arrive Gatwick 17:30.

Howard will give us a lecture on the Friday night and guide us around the various sites on Saturday and Sunday morning, including a trip to the island of Gavrinis in the Gulf of Morbihan, a most mysterious megalithic site. 

This trip will change your view of the world and exponentially expand your mind!

WHERE: Carnac, Brittany, France

WHEN: 15th-17th April 2016


 This includes all accommodation, all meals, all transfers, visits and guides, but does not include flights. 

Flights are available through currently around £130 return.

Numbers are limited so if you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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